Malayalam old movie avalude ravukal online dating

"The film opened up a niche market for a certain kind of movie shown in seedy theatres.

But Avalude Ravukal went beyond titillating, it was a realistic, sensual film," says Malayalam cinema scholar CS Venkiteswaran.

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The first Malayalam film to be certified Adult, Avalude Ravukal turned out to be an unprecedented success.

A fan who saw the film half a dozen times - this was must- watch rite of passage for teens those days - says its candid approach came as a delightful shocker to an otherwise sexually repressed society.

Remember this was 1978, flowers were still doing proxy kissing and thunder and lightning still stood in for sex.

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It too had a scandalous poster framed by two bare female legs.) Delhiites, now in their 50s, still remember the city plastered with the iconic Her Nights poster, which created a rare buzz in morning shows. From then on, the words "Malayalam film" would always carry a virtual nudge and a wink.

A single naked arm peeps out of the bathroom door as she reaches for his shirt.

That, some shots of wet patches on the shirt as she wears it and the historical bare thigh examination — kid stuff today — is all it took for the man to break into a sweat, lip trembling.

Also, I respect Indian censors and I don't think I can go against them and make this film.

Instead of making a controversial film, I thought let's skip the idea of making 'For Adults Only'," Saif told IANS.

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