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The new members featured a broad spectrum of the celebrities ranging from veteran stars to foreigners to rookie stars.

The new roommates are Sunny, Park Joon-hyung, Jackson, Ryohei Otani, Lee Guk-joo, Bae Jong-ok, and Heo Young-ji.

For dinner, the members prepare fresh thornback ray and 5-year-old kimchi sent by Young-ji's uncle.

Meanwhile, Guk-joo joins Baek Ji-young's performance on stage.

Close to the end, Nana returns home to see that Cucumber's belly was swollen and the members immediately send her to a 24-hour veterinary hospital. " Jong-ok, Joon-hyung, Jackson, Sunny and Ryohei head out to Bukjeong Village, a nearby neighborhood that is called the last shantytown in Seoul where they tour and meet the locals, while Nana, Se-ho, Guk-joo, and Kang-joon set out to the Finnish Ambassador’s home.

The new cast consisted of the remaining five roommates and seven new roommates." As the new season of Roommate commences with new members, the group slowly begins to break the awkward and unfamiliarity by getting to know each other.The new members introduced themselves to the producers and the audiences first."Boys' Time vs Girls' Time." A "Boys and Girls" outing.Nana, Sunny, and Guk-joo go out for a leisurely stroll that includes a tarot reading, while Ryohei, Joon-hyung, Jackson, and Se-ho decide to go skateboarding.

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