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285-6] In such a world there is no room for God or creation, and no transcendence, since there is only one universe, in which there are nature, man, spirits and gods as parts of this all-embracing unity. Mote indicates that this absence of God who created the world in the vision of Mediterranean cultures constitutes a fundamental difference.

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Moreover, in the Chinese communities their works attract public attention mostly for practical applications: in economy and management, politics, sport, medicine or in general as an art of “achieving successes” (.

One could notice that in the West the parts of this opposition are clearly separated and treated as the two , and their distinction itself was merely relative.

The space at one’s front is Yang, and at the back – Yin.

In general the Strategists rarely are included into studies of Chinese civilisation, although their texts and their role in Chinese thought and culture deserves deeper research. Some particular characteristics of Chinese way of thinking In order to understand properly the place of the School of Strategists in Chinese intellectual heritage, it is worthy to analyse the peculiar nature of classical Chinese thought.

Numerous scholars pointed out that philosophical thought often served in China for practical needs and its concepts had been applied to everyday life in contrast to more theory-oriented and abstract Western philosophy. Moore stated: “There is the profound and all-pervading inseparability of philosophy and life and even of theory andpractice Many other scholars agree with him (see: [61, p. The second fundamental characteristic of the Chinese thought indicated by Moore is its “humanism, which is unquestionably more pervasive and more significant in China than in any other philosophical tradition”.

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