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The Coquette features five-split-spoke alloy rims wrapped by low-profile sport tires.The brakes are the same four very large, cross-drilled disc rotors found on the Infernus, Comet, and Turismo.This means it requires caution when turning into a corner when racing as oversteer and other forms of powerslide will slow down the car at the corner.Despite its drifty characteristic, the Coquette is an excellent choice for racing and the oversteer is very easy to control compared to two of its main rivals, the Banshee and the Super GT.While the Coquette has a fairly solid construction and damage resistance, the front engine layout of the Coquette means it is specifically vulnerable to engine damage in high-speed front-end collisions; more so than mid-engine sports cars like the Turismo and Infernus.The Coquette's inline-4 engine makes it a powerful vehicle in its own right.The vehicle comes in two models: a hardtop coupe and a topless roadster.

When cornering at moderate to high speeds, the back end will almost invariably step out into to a slide.

The Coquette can be purchased with or without a roof, however it is possible to remove or add a roof at a mod shop. The Coquette is a typical American sports car, in that it has a front-engine, rear wheel drive layout, a twin-cam Inline 4 under the hood and a 5-speed gearbox.

It features a large singular engine crossbar to protect the engine bay from damage and deformation.

These variants will have defined color sets and custom bumpers, exhaust and wheels.

Extras may be set ramdomly in both models, as in a normal Coquette Classic.

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