Dating website love cats

But isn’t just for seniors or empty-nesters — it’s great for cat lovers of all ages.

“People love their cats and are happy being with someone who also has cats,” he added.

loves cats that took off last week, accruing over 6.5 million views in only a few days.

Of course, closer examination of the video and You Tube account proved that it was definitely not real—in the video she calls herself Debbie and the name on her You Tube account is Cara Hartmann. Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.Then it clicked: was the purrfect name for a dating site for cat lovers.Turns out the domain name was available, so Sonny bought it and immediately knew he had something amazing in his hands. “I knew this could be something very big.” And he was right.The proof that it’s working comes from the constant positive feedback Sonny and Joan receive.Singles are thankful for the personalized dating help, and felinophiles overall are grateful to have a place to call their own where they can be themselves.

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