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Was it in the Gulf of Akaba / Eilat or the Gulf of Suez? It is entitled , by two SDA researchers, Russell and Colin Standish. This book is a careful, meticulous, in-depth study of Ron Wyatt’s claims.

Moses never arrived in Canaan so he wrote from an Egyptian, not a Canaanite perspective. ) and Seir (Biblical Edom) included the area of the Central Negev Highlands, the area to the west of the Aravah.Fasold told Jim Irwin, the Apollo 15 astronaut, of their discoveries.Irwin, in turn, made contact with Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams who eventually went to Saudi Arabia at least twice in order to ascertain whether Mt. Both returned home and wrote books about their adventures.Third, the paper examines the archaeological evidence.This paper discusses the first two aspects briefly because they have already been dealt with in the Fall 2000 issue of (Franz 201-113).

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